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Binding agreement between AXEL Uganda Limited and Job Seeker

  1. All documents must be presented for approval, these shall include among others; Your National Identity Card, Five passport photos, Originals and Photocopies of the Academic Documents Plus curriculum Vitae shall be Forwarded to the concerned official.
  2. Presentation of false academic papers will automatically lead to cancellation of the applicant plus a fine of 400,000 UGX and thereafter presented to the police.
  3. Once contented, the Applicant shall pay registration fee of 50,000 UGX non-refundable once. This fee is for registration the applicant to the company and covers the initial Expenditures the company incurs in searching for job opportunities. Part of the money covers training before placement on the job; Training involves Human Behavior at work, Team building, Sales techniques and communication skills among others.
  4. Upon getting any Job, A client is liable to pay a commission liaised with Axel Uganda Limited, The commission payment scheduled or tiers is as below;
  5. Once connected to a Job, A Job Seeker is not allowed to give that job to any person who is not a registered member of Axel Uganda Limited having failed to agree to the terms and conditions of that Job. If one does so, he/she shall be disqualified.
  6. A client must provide immediate feedback after getting in touch with the prospective employer. He/she must inform us whether contented of not in order to see the way forward.
  7. Once Employment commences, the client will spend a minimum of six (6) consecutive months with the employer. A client who leaves work without good cause shall pay fine 50,000 UGX.
  8. Any Client who is dismissed because of misconduct such as going to work while Drunk, will automatically lose his/her membership at Axel Uganda Limited.
  9. Failure to comply with the above terms, the Client will be held liable to pay any loses to the Company.